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Publish Date: 14:45 - 19 June 2017
TEHRAN, June 19, YJC - Palestine’s Islamic Jihad representative, Nasir Abusharif, in Tehran says the the bloody wars in the region engaged the Arab World have beguiled the attentions from Zionist regime such that the regime is nowadays much more free to perform its projects of building settlements and Judaization of Palestine.

No support is given to Palestine from the Arab World: Abusharif


TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - The IRGC announced on Sunday that the medium-range ground-to-ground missiles were launched from Iran’s western provincIn a press confrence hold in Young Journalists Club, Abusharif said that the Zionist regime believes in Judization of Palestine in order to get dominace over it, so since 1967 the regime has initiated extesive afforts to do the project, expelling Palestinians from their lands.

“Unfortunately international organizations do not help Quds and Palestione, and despite the fact that Quds, based on international law and Devision Resolution, is an internatioal zone which must be directed under UN supervision, the Zionist regime ignors theses resolutions and tries to dominate Jerusalem Al-Quds” Abusharif noted.

He assreted that today the Zionist Regiom is free to carry out its project of Judization of Palistine, while the Arab World countries are engaed in bloody wars among themselves. “international organizations do nothing agaist Zionist regime’s dominance on Jerusalem Al-Quds, so it could be said that what has resisted against the Zionist regime’s conspiracies is palestinian people’s resistance”, Abusharif said.

Palestrine, he added, is an important issue for all of Muslims throughout the world, threrfore it is essential to uncover the Zionists’ racist actions against the Palestinain nation through raising world people’s awareness about that.

With tregard to Qatar and expelling Hamas leaders from the contry Abusharif said “the only coutry in the world supporting Palestine is Iran which always has clrarly and publicly declared its positions and has always been standing beside Palestinians”.


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