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Publish Date: 11:23 - 12 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Hashemi signed up for presidential candidacy in the final hour last evening. What comes to mind now is what challenges he faces in the course of his campaign, and maybe later on as the President.

By: Hossein Amiri

To be or not to be, that was the question which occupied the public concern regarding well-known political figures during the last few months, a specific feature of this round of elections. The current year is named one of "political breakthrough” which could find incarnation in a fervent round of elections.

A number of factors could contribute to the breakthrough, among them the presence of diversity candidates. Three candidates representing three different tastes and modes of thought signed up on Saturday, Hashemi from the Reformist side, Esfandyar Rahim Mashaei, Ahmadinejad’s ally, and SaeidSaeed Jalili, Secretary of the National Security Committee, representing the right, Principalist wing. This goes to exemplify what the Supreme Leader had demanded as participation by all dispositions. The presence of these three might for some mean tense campaigns are to come, but for the nation it betokens booming elections.

Hashemi saw before himself two challenges, one public and another private. The one challenge he announced publicly concerned the Supreme Leader’s agreeable regards for him to run for presidency. Having formed its foundations in the Construction Term, the economic system, Hashemi believes, left the way open for participation in constructional activities to some military organizations which have now penetrated the country’s economic layers. This influence, which has strengthened during the past eight years, must be reduced, he believes.

But, the obstacle which Hashemi made public was only one aspect for his delayed sign-up. On the other hand, many intellectuals believe that the Reform wing, now represented by Hashemi, fears that it might not be able to create a public consensus like the 09 elections and fail in attracting undecided voters.

Having considered all these, Hashemi is running for the elections now. Along with candidates from the other two sides, especially Mashaei, he is going to blow into the elections furnace so that the country will witness a fervent round of elections once more. The question remains whether any of his public or private concerns have been resolved.

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