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21 September 2018 - 12:30
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Publish Date: 12:16 - 13 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Kavakebian says that relations with the US must be amended by the National Security Committee with President as the head and by permissions of the Leader.

Speaking in a meeting at Amir Kabir University on Sunday, Kavakebian believed that although it is necessary to establish relations with the US, "We must know that with relations with the US sanctions will not be lifted.”

In answer to a question how he will establish relations with the US in 6 months despite the Supreme Leader saying that the US arrogance is a red zone, Kavakebian said "If the US wants to have the upper hand negotiations will not occur. We will negotiate as a civilizing nation. If they wanted to negotiate with no precondition and as equal sides, then we will negotiate, if not, we won’t.”

Kavakebian also provided comments on his policy regarding Syria and said "I believe that national interests in Syria suggest that the country remain in its present make-up. But as to whether Bashar Assad must himself be a candidate in the next elections there is no insistence, because we believe that national interests must be preserved. That is why we said negotiations could be held in our country between those who do not carry guns.”

He believed that the issue of Syria must also be resolved with Arab countries.

Asked to compare the nuclear program in the Reform and post-Reform administrations, he said "The infrastructural nuclear programs were made during the Khatami administration. The Natanz site was recognized at that time. Preparations were made for Arak power plant at that time as well. But, we must also accept the fact that after the Khatami administration also agreements were made.”

Kavakebian added "At that time there was this policy in the negotiations where we would suspend the Isfahan UCF for a while so we would find out that maybe some do not approve of it. But with this same policy we could avoid resolutions against the country. That was a result of such a policy. But in the recent term we had 7 resolutions, 5 of which were things like sanctions on oil, insurance, goods, banks, and individuals.”

He believed that the country could both have its nuclear rights and avoid resolutions via détente policies, but if one is to say that sanctions are pieces of paper one would end saying that they have had much effects.

He also said that he has regarded Mousavi and Karoubi as Reformists before everyone else, adding that if President, one of his actions would be to set the two free.

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