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Publish Date: 10:01 - 19 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Haddad Adel has said that the enemy intends to set discord in the country and provoke civil war.

Qolamali Haddad Adel said "I think that the enemy’s plan for the future of Iran is opposition between Hashemi and the Leadership. This will be much more dangerous than the opposition between Ahmadinejad and the Leadership. Hashemi is a very proper choice for the continuation of econo-political crises in Iran.”

He added that with tightening sanctions, BBC and VOA are following the same path as that of the UK at the time of the National Movement, adding "The world of arrogance is trying to create political and economical crisis in the country. As the Leader announced this year one of political and economical breakthrough, he intended to give the country an antidote to fight the political and economical crisis microbe.”

He further stated "With a pessimistic, apprehensive view, I picture a future for the country where a group of people, considering religious issues, ideals of Imam Khomeini, and guidelines of the Supreme Leader, will stand on one side, and another group from the Reform movement, the 2nd of Khordad movement, the Executives, the Participation, the Freedom Movement, and all those in the 09 sedition will stand on the other side; and those who are worried for their money and suffer economical pressures and think that once a West-endorsed system is to rule the country, economical problems are solved will also go to one side and oppose the Hizbollahi forces and, God forbid, Iran will run into a bipolar scuffle like Lebanon 20 years ago or what we saw in Iraq in the form of the Shiite-Sunni opposition.

He also provided comments on his foreign policy if elected President and said "I consider it naivety if one thinks that our problems with the West will resolve in a couple of years. Our problem with the US and Israel is such that no one can resolve it under diplomacy, because the issue stems from our Islamic revolution.”

Regarding Ayatollah Hashemi, he said "In the Development Coalition we were busy talking who will be the fittest and most attractive to votes when the high call came that Hashemi has entered the scene and the china shop reduced to chaos.”

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