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Publish Date: 9:34 - 19 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Money is a key factor in electoral campaigns. The to-be candidates of the upcoming elections have been asked how they fund their campaigns.

Vaezzadeh: We campaign via virtual networks and face-to-face talk

Vaezzadeh says "Our expenditure is little and we have not set money for [campaign]. We do it in a voluntary fashion.”

Lankarani: There was no expenditure besides plane booking.

Kamran Baqer Lankarani says that he has spent nothing for his campaign except booking tow-way flights from Shiraz.

Saidikia: I will announce my account No. for donations.

Mohammad Saidikia says "This place in which the news conference is held is a charity which me and my friends have been running for 7-8 years. My incomes are clear and transparent. I will announce my account number in due time for public donation. I will announce the amount donated and will spend according to the amount raised.”

Kavakebian: I do not believe in posters and portraits
Asked about his campaign funding, Kavakebian stated "I will try not to spend too much. I do not believe in posters and portraits.

Sobhani: I have said aside Rls375 million

Hassan Sobhani says "I do not have a sponsor. I will spend up to Rls375 million from my publications, tuition, and translation.

Kharazi: I am the most Jurist, the poorest, and the most victorious

Hojjatoleslam Mohammadbaqer Kharazi said "I do not have as much as Rls1, because I am the most in 3 ways, that is, the most Jurist, the poorest, and the most victorious, the latter you will see I am on June 15.”

Haddad Adel: I will not use the public treasury for electoral campaign

Qolamali Haddad Adel says "I am not still out of the 2+1 coalition and have not announced my candidacy.”

He says if about to remain in the course of elections, he will get aid from friends and "not use the public treasury for my electoral campaign.”

A’lami: For now my biggest campaign staff is Azerbaijan

He said "The list of my sponsors is secret yet. But I can tell you this much that, like the previous round of elections, I have not spent as much as Rls1. My public staff is made up of people who volunteer for cooperation without any expectation.”

Zakani: It is essential to campaign with least resources because big spending leaves one indebted to special entities.

Alireza Zakani says "I care for simple elections under situations where campaigns are launched with the least amount of money. That is a principle. I intend by no means to launch an expensive campaign, even if I had the money.”

Rezaei: I take Rls1 from a student dearer than multiple billions aid from the wealthy.

Mohsen Rezaei says "I have an account number and I fair along with public donation, which is because we prefer Rls1 from a student much more than multiple billions from the wealthy.”

He added "I will never concede to making impressions on the elections with money and power. If I did I would not have left the IRGC. I gave back what I had from the IRGC and left there. I will not step out of honesty, even if I am to meet failure.”

Qalibaf: In 2005 a veteran donated Rls6 billion

Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf has said "My whole campaign expenditure in 2005 was Rls30 billion [roughly $300 thousand], of which Rls6 billion was donated by a veteran who sold his house for Qalibaf’s campaign staff.”

Abutorabi Fard: I explain my programs on state media

Abutorabi Fard has said "I do not intend to spend in the usual way and even less than that. If possible, I would tell people about my opinions and programs on the state media. I have not hired a staff anywhere in the country, have not made any contract, nor have I set a sum of money aside for it.”

Mottaki: If anybody would like to spend his money in a pious way I am in.

Manouchehr Mottaki says "No one has yet stepped forward to support me. But I suggest if anyone would like to spend his money in the pious way, he can do so by funding my campaign.”

Mehmanparast: I am not as well-to-do as some people

Ramin Mehmanparast said "Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not as well-to-do as some other people, but people have expressed willingness to turn their offices into campaign staff. I hope I can do with what the IRIB has planned. If candidates would rather express themselves via the state media then there would be no need for multi-billion expenditures on campaigns.”

Jalili: Any campaign that is void of content, seductive, authoritarian, and based on false promises is forbidden.

Hashemi: I stress unadulterated campaign expenditures, it is necessary to avoid wastefulness.

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanajani has said "I stress unadulterated campaign expenditures, it is necessary to avoid wastefulness. All staffs must treat sources and expenditure painstakingly and faithfully and with regard to legal classifications, so that they can be able to respond to related centers in the country and usual suspicions and skepticisms, feature of such matters, do not arise.

The other candidates have not mentioned the source of their campaigns' fund yet.

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