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21 September 2018 - 12:20
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Publish Date: 11:58 - 20 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Member of the 2+1 coalition has said that home arrest has been the best treatment for the called sedition leaders and that they might actually be feeling well.

In a question-and-answer session with students of Amir Kabir University, Qolamali Haddad Adel said in answer to protests on the situations of Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi "I believe that home arrest was the least punishment that could be given to them. If we had acted according to the law you would have still fussed over it, but maybe they are happier this way,” ISNA reports.

Regarding speech and its freedom, he said "I do not know what ‘freedom after speech’ means. Everywhere around the world if something illegal is said actions are taken.”

Asked what he will do about press freedom if elected President, Adel said "Freedom of the press exists right now,” which was met with boos.

He added "A state which is not corrupt will not be afraid of press freedom. If the press would like to mention corruptions no problem will address them. Now you tell me, which newspaper will have critical demands and has been banned? You can even criticize the Leader’s opinions, but do not insult.”

As Adel said these words, he received backlashes from the students, and then he added "It is obvious that you are not afraid of suppression, because you can speak like this now.”

He also provided comments on the President and said "Mr. Ahmadinejad has never considered himself a Principalist. If we supported him it was because the Ahmadinejad of 2005 and 2009 was different from the current Ahmadinejad.”

At this point a student addressed Haddad Adel, saying "Then you lacked discretion at that time!” to which he answered "No, only circumstances have changed.”

Followingly, a student asked Haddad Adel "Why do you think that your opinion, and the opinion of the state, is the people’s opinion? We are not happy to give the public treasury to the people of Syria and Palestine, because our own people are hungry.” This, accompanied with general applause from the audience, was answered by Adel as "Those who applaud, it means that they are happy of the Muslims being killed and happy with Israel’s crimes. The people of Syria also, they all stand behind Bashar Assad. Bashar Assad is being tried only because he has stood up before the US and Israel. You must know that if we do not support them, the missiles will pour down on you. How is it that our children are Muslim but the Palestinian children are not?”

He also asserted "In Iran, a government which is not religious, will not be able to make the people confide in it. A secular government is by no means a suitable prescription for Iran.”

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