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21 September 2018 - 12:33
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Publish Date: 13:41 - 26 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Chairman of the Expediency Council says that many issues are considered as secrets of the system and a secret must be kept.

Speaking in a meeting with political groups on Saturday, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said "Lots of issues and secrets exist which are the secrets of the system and must be kept. Some who were not there during the movements and have no idea of the suffering of the masses still will not consider people’s role on the scene. They feel what they understand of Islam has to be the measure in governing the country.”

Ayatollah Hashemi pointed to his disqualification by the Guardian Council and said "I have learned from the Holy Quran to be patient against unkindness and put up with harsh times and the barrage of slander. I consider patience as an Islamic basic. All my life I have never thought of gaining positions. I have always served the Islamic Revolution and the system like a soldier.”

He asserted "I will be patient as long as it is my duty.”

Answering a question as why some extremist individuals or currents will not stand him, he said "Part of this tough-temperedness comes from my different point of view on the Islamic view of rights of citizenship from those who cannot put up with this view. This has a story as long as that of the Islamic Revolution.”

He added "There are many secrets and subjects on this which must be kept because they are the system’s secrets.”

Pointing to the segregation set between the so-called Principalist and Reformist wings, he said "Although these categorizations are at the level of appellation and yesterday’s leftists are the current rightists and vice versa, we must lead the country to solidarity and intimacy between these political sides so that the system is not hurt by threats and sanctions from outside and extremism from inside.”

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