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Publish Date: 13:31 - 28 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Candidate believes that Iran has never been more globally isolated.

Speaking in an interview with Iranian Diplomacy, Hassan Rohani said "You cannot find an era in the past centuries in which Iran’s relations with Europe have been as cold, undesirable, and tense as today. The vast array of sanctions on the country by the EU attest to that. As with the US and Canada also things are clear: new threats and sanctions every day. Despite enjoying Iran’s unsparing material and spiritual support after the Revolution, the African have also turned their back to us. Now we must have Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Kenya also grudge us their kind face.”

He added "UN resolutions (in human rights) are being passed against us with unprecedentedly high votes. We cannot achieve any valuable global position. If fact, if we want to look up our friends and companions on the global stage among different countries they may not exceed the number of the fingers of one hand, and those are mostly countries void of international standing.”

"Due to policies adopted in the past years, Iran’s strategic choices have shrunk. Besides relations with some insignificant Latin American countries, which by the way have also diminished lately, Iran has to rely on double-standard policies of countries like Russia, China, and India,” the Reformist candidate stated.

He considered recent developments in the Middle East and northern Africa and the cessation of many tyrannical, West-bound states in interest of Iran, adding "These circumstances could have had great achievements for the Islamic Republic of Iran. They could turn the regional strategic balance in favor of Iran, but for some extremist, unthoughtful behavior the country could not use the opportunity.”

Rohani added "The undiplomatic claims on subjects such as the Holocaust and the necessity to eradicate Israel, which were said by the President to be the most prominent manifestations of an offensive foreign policy of the government, united and evermore determined the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in their enmity precisely at the time when the country needed peace more than ever to pursue its nuclear program. Such radical, costly position-takings, motivated mostly by propagandist intentions, have undergone negligence after a while with nothing for the country but only bitter consequences.”

He asserted "The best opportunity was given to the US when in the 9th administration, with a change in discourse come by disregard for international political considerations, tension and confrontation was brought about not only with the US, but with a great number of countries, including neighbor ones.”

He added "Iran-US relations suffer deep, chronic injuries. In the past three decades no permission was given by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran for negotiations with the US and preparation of grounds to renew relations. The Supreme Leader’s recent statements that he does not oppose negotiations with the US provided that forbidden zones are regarded have opened a new horizon for defending the nation’s rights in direct, diplomatic dealing with the US.”

Former Secretary of the National Security Council said "We must evaluate current circumstances carefully and, if it fits, not shy away from talks with the US. At the first stages we must consider the talks as a means to prevent further pressure and stop the current trend of sanctions. Then we must try to pacify the atmosphere and then remove sanctions completely.”

He asserted "I would not accept negotiations for the sake of negotiations and with no outcome. We must have a clear agenda and well-defined goals by talks with the US. After tardily coming to their senses regarding the effects of the sanctions, the 9th and 10th administrations chose a step by step approach to resolve the nuclear crisis which has had no positive result so far. In each round of talks the topic for negotiations is to reduce sanctions that did not exist at the time of previous rounds.”

Rohani also criticized policies adopted by Turkey lately and said "All these facts oblige us to inspect the developments in these countries and take proper actions against them.”

Providing comments on policies adopted by Russia, he said "It is a reality that despite Iran’s political inclination to the East, Russia has recognized its benefits in keeping relations with the West. Russia’s support for SC resolutions on Iran and its denouncement of some military agreements are only a portion of Russia’s anti-Iranian actions. It has always proved lucrative for Russia to play his Iranian card in confrontation with the West and especially the US.”

Rohani further stated "Other northern neighbor countries have also recognized the situations and the position of Iran to strengthen their ties with the West. They accordingly have gained distance from Iran so that their relations with the West are not endangered. It would be no overestimation that among these countries, Azerbaijan has turned into a security challenge for Iran.”

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