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Publish Date: 14:45 - 28 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Official says that the two US drones the country claims so far to have caught are only the tip of the iceberg.

Commander of the Basij Brigadier general Mohammadreza Naqdi said in a meeting in Qom on Monday "Today Iran keeps a collections of US drones of which it has announced only two. This testifies Iran’s military and scientific power.”

He added "The US has so far arrested 50 Iranian airplanes around the world in order to find, as it would think, terrorists or military equipments and make it known to the world, but all in vain. Iran, on the other hand, captured one aircraft which showed to be up to something.”

He asserted ‘Iran owes its greatness and advances to fighting the US. Compliance with the US will be a scarlet letter for Iran.”

He added that Iran enjoys all sorts of military equipments and that its missiles can crush US vessels in the Persian Gulf like "tin cans”, therefore the enemy will not allow itself to attack the country.

He added "The rate for economic growth of the US has been constantly negative in the past four years. They have kept their brain dead country erect by looting other countries.”

Naqdi then said that the US fights only by money, not enjoying Iran’s Basij forces who will fight with bare hand.

He added "Khatami would talk of compliance and give head starts to the enemy. He used to say so much good about the Americans as if he was talking of the Prophet’s child. It was at the same time when the US President called Iran an axis of evil.”

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