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Publish Date: 11:45 - 29 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Qalibaf has said that no President could make a drastic change in Iran’s foreign policy.

Speaking in a talk show on Tuesday evening, Qalibaf provided comments on foreign policy making procedures in Iran as "In Iran the law does not give the President privileges to decide on the major aspects of foreign policy.”

He added "Foreign policy must take care of a country’s national interests and security. In fact it guarantees our religious, revolutionary, and national identity.”

Qalibaf asserted that there is much different between foreign policy and the diplomatic system, adding "Where does the law allow me to say I decide such and such in foreign policy? Foreign policy is a privilege of the state. Of course the President is one of the elements with basic, influential role there, but the law does not grant the entire foreign policy to the President. Can somebody come and say he can change the foreign policy in four years? It will be like their other mottos if somebody says they will make great changes in this sphere. The diplomatic system must avoid misjudgments and extra costs, which job is laid on the shoulders of the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Council for National Security.”

Providing comments on his programs in foreign policy, he said "I have a special program for the diplomacy of the Foreign Ministry, the Supreme Council for National Security, and the Council’s secretariat where I have prioritized economic diplomacy.”

He said "Who has managed our diplomacy in the past? All the gentlemen who are now in power and have become candidate. These selfsame people were responsible for diplomacy or were working around the security council in the secretariat. Their record is what exists right now. I am here to end all this.”

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16:09 - 1392/03/11
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