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Publish Date: 11:29 - 30 May 2013
Tehran, YJC. Researcher says that Ahmadinejad helped Hashemi to the position of a prominent electoral choice by leaving economy to itself.

Head of the Office for Iran’s Historical Research and Compilation Abbas Salimi Namin said "As the elections approached, Ahmadinejad would not have let go of economy if he did not like to reinforce Hashemi. He left economical affairs to themselves for a long time to give Hashemi a head start.”

"Indeed now that Hashemi is disqualified we must watch his play-acting because he still has influence over elections and can upset equations,” Salimi asserted.

He stressed Ahmadinejad’s similarity to Hashemi in his individualism and said "The main problem for Ahmadinejad is the empowerment and prevalence of Principalism in society. If Hashemi was to come to the scene he would also act individualistically.”

He believed that as the Principalists would throw Ahmadinejad’s circle into serious danger, the President deemed it so that he would go untouched if someone individualist and disorderly raised to power.

Salimi added "In the past years, following Hashemi, Ahmadinejad too considered himself a savior of society. He experienced a sort of inclination to the West and believed that everything depended on him and he was the only one who could save society.”

"In the past years Ahmadinejad has tapped into Hashemi’s weaknesses to continue his sovereignty; on the other hand Hashemi also used Ahmadinejad’s weaknesses, but now the equation is set in disarray to a big degree.”

He stated that in the past two years Ahmadinejad has turned much similar to Hashemi and used Hashemi’s relatives in his circle.

Salimi said "The disqualification of Mashaei and Hashemi has bestowed some unique gift upon the nation.”

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