Rohani: Relations with US must turn from enmity to tension

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Publish Date: 11:36 - 01 June 2013
TEHRAN,YJC. The presidential candidate says that as Iran’s relations with the US are somewhere beyond tension to meet enmity, the first step to improve them would be to reduce the intensity of negative regards to reach a level of tension.

Speaking on Jame Jam satellite channel, Hassan Rohani said "Today we cannot say that we would word toward détente with the US. We could say that 8-10 years ago, but things are different today. I believe that one must have relations even with one’s enemy. The outstanding job is to prevent the enemy’s schemes to materialize.”

Providing comments on how to tackle sanctions, he said "There are two issues. One is the UN Security Council sanctions, which are something unprecedented. And the second is that the schism we had created between the EU and the US in the course of the nuclear case is gone.”

"This would be the diplomatic task of the politicians to prevent the formation of international consensus against us, which would mean the solidarity among great powers. We must go the same way as the enemy to tread the road back. We must work to break the consensus and create the schism we need. We must fight sanctions blow by blow and remove them.”

Asked what policy would be adopted regarding the Iranians living abroad, he said "In fact everything depends on foreign policy. The passport value is an indication of the kind of relationship we hold with the world. If our relations with a country, continent, or the whole world are based on mutual respect and interests, then Iranians would have a different status in that country. They would be looking at a friend when they see an Iranian. Then the passport will have its proper status as well.”

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