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Publish Date: 12:15 - 02 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Rohani has said that every honor in Iran’s nuclear technology is the entitlement of the Reform administration.

Hassan Rohani said in an electoral meeting in Tehran on Saturday "The honor in the nuclear technology belongs to the Construction and Reform administrations. Some other also take pride in it but they have only sat at a pre-arranged table.”

He added "The first centrifuge was imported during Mr. Hashemi’s administration and the first enrichment was performed in the summer of 2002.”

"We visited the first phase of the Isfahan UCF in the Fall of 2002 accompanied by Mr. Mousavi. The UOTU test which was the first phase of the UCF was performed then. Also in 2003 and 2004 the Isfahan UCF, Natanz underground, Arak heavy water, and Bandar Abbas yellow cake were made operational,” he asserted.

Rohani added that just at the time when the table was made, others arrived and claimed the honor.

He said "Some people came up and distributed propaganda, said things, and made charges. We were patient and kept silent.”

The Reform candidate then pointed to the security vibe prevailing different aspects of the country, adding "Why does there have to be a security aura everywhere we look, to be seen even on the streets, university campuses, schools, and other public places? We must break this security atmosphere.”

He pointed out that both during the Iran-Iraq war and the years after, a lot of attempt was made to refer Iran to the Security Council but all ended in failure due to good offices by Iranian authorities, "but today” he added, "we have to witness the ominous shadow of sanctions upon our people.”

The former Secretary of Supreme National Security Council then pointed to Iran’s position on the September 11 incident and said "When the September 11 incident happened, with consultations with the President and Supreme Leader we decided to condole the American nation. It came at a time when charges were directed at the Islamic Republic of Iran. At that time the issue was whether to keep silent or not. But the wisdom shown neutralized the enemy’s scheme and put the public mind at ease.”

Rohani expressed pity over Iran’s backslide in producing oil and said "The Islamic Republic was the second largest oil-producing country in the world. But today Iraq has taken our place and driven us to the third. This is because our neighbors adequately use opportunities, while we stand idle. Qatar draws 500 thousand barrels oil from the shared South Pars field while we do not extract anything at all.”

In the sidelines of the meeting words were shouted in support of Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi as the 09 opposition leaders.

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