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Publish Date: 15:16 - 02 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Culture Minister says that any media intending to harm elections will be met with legal action.

Mohammda Hosseini said in a meeting with officials from cultural organizations on Sunday "We have held meetings with our friends in media and harbingers of the breakthrough, stressing positive actions, but we must also point out negative actions.”

The Minister of Culture said that if press are to publish material that will discourage participation in the elections they must be prevented, adding "We held meetings with cultural general directors across country who will try to attract public interest in the elections.”

He pointed out that the enemy is hard at work to discourage the nation from voting. He said "The enemy use different tools to inculcate a sense of gloom in society. Der Spiegel has said that the Iranian election is a hollow show. Others say that the outcome is determined beforehand. They want to challenge people’s breakthrough. Therefore we must tap all the country’s capacities to encourage people to take active part in the elections.”

Hosseini added that there are some domestic media that help doubts grow which must be fought, regardless of the entity they belong to. "We will take legal action against such newspapers, be it Keyhan, Iran, Bahar, or Sharq,” he asserted "we will do so no matter whom it belongs to, because the country’s interests are sensitive and we will not follow individuals’ tastes on this.”

He then revoked allegations that there is no difference between candidates, saying that representatives from both Principalist and Reformist wings are present among candidates.

He said "Who is there closer to Khatami than Aref who used to be his First Vice President and in fact stands above other members of the Khatami circle?”

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