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Publish Date: 15:54 - 03 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Former Culture Minister has said that the President must not try to rival the country’s number one authority.

Mohammadhossein Saffar Harandi said on Saturday in Shahrekord "If the President intends to rival the top authority there will be some problem. If he wants to place his seat next to the Leader’s and think to himself that he is anything to match with the Leader there will be some problem.”

The 9th administration Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance stated "We must take care what outlook is adopted by the one who will take the country’s second highest position regarding the country’s number one authority whom we see as the representative of the twelfth Imam.”

He said "The Supreme Leader invites officials to discussions where opinions are presented and points are negotiated and viewpoints given. In the end of the session conclusions are made and decisions adopted. It would be impertinent if someone says something different after the session. When the decision is made no one has the right to act according to his personal judgment.”

Harandi also pointed to the Guardian Council electoral disqualifications and said "If someone visits the Leader and says that, because of his age, he does not see in himself the ability to handle the country, and then the Supreme Leader agrees with him and says that he has the same opinion about him, then this will be all we need to know. Why does, then, something else have to be done?”

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17:45 - 1392/05/02
Peaceful demonstrations will not bring down this remgie. The iranians should apply the same methods as Hamas and Hezbollah are using against Israel, suicide bombers against the basiji. I am sure people with terminal diseases will be more than glad to sacrifice themselves in order to put an end to the ayatolas.
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