I will cooperate with Leader to take IRGC out of economy

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Publish Date: 21:24 - 03 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Rezaei has said that he will interact with the Supreme Leader to drive the IRGC out of the economic system.

Speaking in an interview with Sharq, Mohsen Rezaei said "The presence of the IRGC or the government in economy is justified only under utterly extraordinary situations. That situation is when the private sector, entrepreneurs, or cooperatives cannot enter a special activity. When the war was over, contracts were nearly dead in Iran and the private sector had moved out. Parts were nationalized after the revolution and private sector owners who related to the Shah’s regime had moved abroad. In those situations it was necessary that the IRGC, ministries, and governmental organizations enter the economic sphere, but there was no need thereafter. 2005 was the final term for the presence of the government or military forces in economy when Article 44 was passed.”

Posed with the question how he would rid economy of the IRGC while the organization is not subject to the government, Rezaei, himself a former IRGC commander, said "We have no problem there, because the Supreme Leader himself agrees with us. He himself has arranged the Article 44 policies, so there will be no problem there. Also, the President is the Head of the Supreme Council for National Security, where all commanders, the Ministry of Defense, and the General Staff of Armed Forces are members, so he can do this from that position. Also, due to good relations I have with the Supreme Leader I have no problems there.”
He believed that the IRGC has remained active in the country’s economy only because administrations have decided so, saying "It’s been the government itself demanding that the IRGC stay active in economy, so much so that projects were given over to the IRGC in Asaluyeh and even the Oil Minister Mr. Qasemi was made minister because the government insisted upon it. Ahmadinejad demanded the Supreme Leader at least three times that the Oil Ministry may go to him. There would have been no problem if he didn’t want it so.”

"We will turn the economy totally public. There will be no bias, ministries and military forces must all leave economy,” Rezaei asserted.

He also pointed to the state of political freedom if he is to be President and said "I will try to plant the seed of freedom in the country. But I need to make a set of rules and regulations, then institutionalize them through education and clarify the position of each organization.”

Rezaei pointed out that what the Reform administration did regarding freedom was not strong enough, adding further "I will plant the seed of freedom in the country, inshallah. I will try to make sure that all would be able know and enjoy their rights with freedom. It is one of my mottos to give people their rights, from managing the country to managing their own lives, from the intellectual to media, workers, peasants, and women. Currently even the Leader’s rights are not upheld.”
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