Houses of Artists/Cinema enjoyed ultimate support from Tehran Municipality

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Publish Date: 9:33 - 06 June 2013
TEHRAN, YJC. Qalibaf says that during his office at Tehran Municipality great care has been given to culture.
Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf appeared on a talk show on the national TV on Wednesday to give his views on culture.

Qalibaf said "The most important thing for every nation and country is independence and esteem. We may be able to remove the enemy from the country with a revolution such as the Islamic Revolution to gain independence. But the question is whether maintaining this independence is possible only with political power. The answer seems to be ‘no’.”

He added "Only a productive country can maintain its independence and esteem. We must pay attention what is it that the country produces. The country needs to produce power, wealth, knowledge, and esteem. If these aspect are taken care of then independence comes by. Therefore economy, culture, politics, social issues and people’s esteem are of high importance.”

"We must notice that the Islamic Revolution and is justified by the preservation of people’s esteem. Our economy is not a capitalist one in which only accumulation, value added, and a number of poor and well-to-do are left. For us development and sublimation are important.”

Qalibaf pointed out that during his service in the Municipality of Tehran great attention has been given to culture, where the House of Cinema and the House of Artists have been much favored as two instances of cultural centers.

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10:50 03 May 1392
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