Rohani: Govt.’s prime duty creating secure atmosphere

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Publish Date: 9:50 - 06 June 2013
TEHRAN, YJC. Rohani says that a secure cultural atmosphere must be granted before cultural developments could be expected.
Hassan Rohani appeared on an electoral talk show on the national TV on Wednesday to discuss his views on culture.

He said "The government must adopt a supportive, guiding, and supervisory outlook on cultural issues. The first and foremost step is to create a secure atmosphere for culture and arts.”

Rohani regarded culture and social trauma as one of the most important social and national issues, saying that the very Islamic Revolution happened on cultural grounds most of all.

Rohani said "After 35 years what people do not see in culture is lack of morality. This comes despite our revolution being based on the revolution of light and morality. In our society morality has always been propagated by the major figures of the revolution, but today the propagation has turned in nature to boil down to a mere exaggerated presentation of statistics by the media, that is, people from high official ranks commit slander on the national media, this has first of all great responsibilities in its wake, and secondly, it crushes morality.”

He said "Things being so, the first thing happening would be the revocation of people’s faith in statesmen.”

"Of all possible approaches, decentralization is the best policy under these circumstances. As long as our culture is government-bound problems wont be solved. As long as we are after quantity and statistics things remain as they are,” Rohani asserted.

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09:54 16 September 1392
former French socialist Prime Minister Michel Rocard’s unficfoial visit to Iran indicates that the new French government is distancing itself from Nicolas Sarkozy’s policies. “Although such visits are usual after changes take place in the political system of any country, Rocard’s trip to Iran shows the new French statesmen do not intend to continue Sarkozy’s approach to Iran,” Hossein Ebrahimi noted on Sunday. The lawmaker, who is deputy head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, stated new French politicians have decided to regulate their relations with Iran so as to make up for damage inflicted on France by Sarkozy’s policies. “Since France has taken the first step to improve relations with Iran, the Islamic Republic must value this opportunity and interact with France in various fields,” he said. Ebrahimi said expanding nuclear cooperation, large-scale economic issues, energy supply and cooperation in manufacturing cars are some of the main topics discussed in meetings with Rocard. “France is well-aware that expanding economic relations with Iran will resolve unemployment and the other economic problems of this country,” the lawmaker said. Rocard, whose three-day trip to Iran has not been coordinated by the French foreign ministry, arrived in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Saturday to meet with a number of Iranian officials, including Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi. According to the French daily Le Figaro, the visit is aimed at boosting relations between Paris and Tehran, which were seriously strained under the term of outgoing French President Nikolas Sarkozy in office.
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