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Publish Date: 9:45 - 11 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Haddad and Aref from the Principalist and Reformist wings respectively resigned to campaign further to have helped their companions for more secured victory.

Haddad Adel said on Monday in an electoral debate that his only goal is for the Principalists to win and that he will step down in favor of his fellows therefore.

Mohammadreza Aref from the Reform Front also announced "I shall abide to any sort of coalition formed around Mr. Khatami and I shall be bound to my word. I hope that Mr. Khatami would express his views in a few hours.”

Consultants to the former President Mohammad Khatami expressed their support for Hassan Rohani in an announcement, saying "After special workgroups were formed and comprehensive negotiations with the candidates and prominent national figures, especially Messrs. Hashemi Rafsanjani and Seyyed Mohammad Khatami were held; and as scientific opinion surveys were carried out, Mr. Hassan Rohani was ultimately recognized as the one candidate who has the greater chance to attract votes.”

On the other side, Hossein Mozaffar, head of Qalibaf’s campaign staff, expressed his gratitude to Haddad Adel in an announcement.

Haddad Adel along with Aliakbar Velayati and Mohammadbaqer Qalibaf had formed the 2+1 coalition and pledged that two of them would step down in favor of the one leading in polls.

Mozaffar believes that as polls show that Qalibaf leads by a great margin not only among the Principalist, but against all other candidates, Velayati would keep to his pledge and announce his resignation from running for presidency.

Meanwhile analysts say that in case Hassan Rohani grows in popularity, Principalist candidates, especially from the 2+1 coalition will be pressed to endorse a single candidate.

*Hossein Amiri

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