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Publish Date: 12:18 - 12 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Candidate says that both those who say Iran must hold talks with the US and those who are against it are wrong.

Mehr News Agency reports that Mohsen Rezaei appeared on the fourth channel of the national TV on Tuesday to clarify his priorities if elected President.

"Our situation in foreign policy is like that of a pugilist. The US is standing before us with one leg in the ME and another in Europe. If we want to go into the play and would not like to adopt a military strategy against the military footing of the US we must adopt the scissors strategy,” he said.

"Right now there are those who say if we hold talks with the US problems will be solved and those who believe that we must not shy away from resisting. Both these theories have problems,” Rezaei asserted.

He believed that the US union with Western countries is breachable, pointing out that Iran has a lot that could be tapped into to snap the US out of its fake pose.

He asserted "We will prepare 300 diplomats to protect the Iranian negotiating team; because this is the most complicated negotiation in the world in which a third-world country sits against the whole global diplomacy. We will take diplomacy seriously and will mobilize diplomats to boost Iranian negotiators.”

He added that in planning things, Iran’s national esteem must be considered so that demands could be made at the negotiation table.

He asserted that by boosting the country’s economy, it must be implied to the US that if they do not sit for negotiations with Iran they will face problems.

He added that one could have challenges and adjustments with another country simultaneously, saying "We can talk with the US on the nuclear issue, environment, and narcotic drugs. The Leader granted authority for nuclear talks and we must ask for his permission on other issues as well.”

He added "Right now US tanks in Syria and Jordan have raised a storm which has affected 11 of our provinces. To cope with the dust we will need $4 billion, half of which the US could pay. Also fighting drug trafficking, a not so small number of our young people are killed at borders, all because the young over in Europe and America would live more conveniently. The UN says it lacks money, but the US and EU do have money. That is called comparative balance.”

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