Larijani urges expansion of economic tie with Russia

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Publish Date: 11:14 - 17 October 2017
TEHRAN, October 117 - Iran’s parliament speaker stressed the need for development of economic relations between Iran and Russia alongside political relations.

Larijani urges expansion of economic tie with Russia

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani made the remarks upon his arrival in Tehran after his trip to Russia, adding that he had discussed important contracts and projects during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He noted that he had been invited to IPU for regional security assembly as the special guest, which provided the opportunity to meet with the officials of different countries.

He went on to say “considering the complications in the region, the security assembly was a timely measure to hold joint discussions.”

The assembly was concurrent with Washington's anti-Iran remarks, during which no participating official approved of US President's comments, he added.

Larijani stated, “the trip was an opportunity to talk with Russian officials. We discussed important projects with Mr. Putin. It is imperative for us to increase economic interactions to the same level as political interactions. I also talked with the heads of 18 countries. There is a good potential for expanding relations with Iran. In addition, we discussed regional crises.”

On the details of his talks with President Putin, Larijani said the Russian president mentioned Astana talks and added some points to deepen this path and create a safer atmosphere in the region.

As stated by the parliament speaker, the officials of some countries may not express themselves in political speeches, due to pressures imposed by the US, but one of the countries close to Washington criticized the country’s hostile moves during a private meeting.

Pointing to the theme of the conference “Promoting cultural pluralism and peace through inter-faith and inter-ethnic dialogue”, Iranian official deemed it a significant and intelligent theme as cultural pluralism has been challenged over the past few years by external factors which create struggle between different religious and ethnic groups.

“Different views and ideas were discussed in the conference, mainly focusing on the need to create intimacy between regions and ethnic groups.” He further said.

The IPU was also an opportunity to express Iran’s position toward the ill-advised comments of US President and single out the flaws in his speech, he added.

Source: MNA

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