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Publish Date: 14:45 - 22 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Official says that for his political mistakes, Ahmadinejad cannot be decided to be awaiting a special sort of political career.

Providing comments on the future course of Ahmadinejad’s political career, Hossein Mozaffar said "If he had not made mistakes, one could guess about his future, but now everything is hazy.”

Mozaffar also pointed to Ahmadinejad’s peaceful late-term days despite expectations of otherwise behavior and said "Mr. Ahmadinejad cannot but abide law, else he will have closed all doors to himself and the common conscience would have condemned him.”

He added "He seems, though, to be doing the least. The better it would have been if he cooperated and mobilized ministers to cooperate with the 11th administration.”

Regarding the chances that Qalibaf may be asked to join Rouhani’s cabinet, Mozaffar said that if Rouhani offers him a position, Qalibaf will surely cooperate, and if not, he will remain the Mayor of Tehran.

Mozaffar then pointed to Rouhani's election as President and said "The election of Rouhani was a vote for moderation, ethics, peace, foresight, and hope. It meant opposition to accusations and slander and bad temper, opposition to elite schism, lawlessness, and offense. But, unfortunately I must say that there still are extremist groups on both sides, who think only in terms of neither-or-all, and whose motto is ‘with us or against us’. They keep on their slanders, rumors, and cynicism.”

He added "No doubt, the Principalists showed their political immaturity this time. Supporting too much candidates, disharmony, taking absolute orientations in endorsing candidates with no public favor, disregard for the elite, extreme judgments, etc. all contributed to public disillusionment.”

Mozaffar also said "Rouhani is a moderate character with extensive, long-lasting bonds with the Revolution and the Leadership. He has had a hand in the country’s principal organizations, therefore his election should not worry the Principalists. The Principalists must seize the time and support Dr. Rouhani as best as they can, providing him with every possibilities. It is clear that if they leave the scene there might appear opportunists who might cause problems. If that happens the Principalists must blame themselves for having left the scene.”

He further stated "In a meeting with fans, Mr. Qalibaf showed proper behavior and, to those who were worried about the situations, he said that there was nothing to worry about and that we will be fully ready for cooperation.”

He also added "I believe that if Rouhani would like to use qualified figures, one of the forces best fitted that could be his company and who would dignify the country would be Mr. Qalibaf. The TV debates must not be seen as something over which to develop disagreements. The debates were electoral in nature and things were mentioned do draw attention. They must not be relied on in making judgments.”

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