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21 September 2018 - 01:15
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Publish Date: 15:53 - 25 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. Professor says that as long as Iran has unresolved problems with the US, it will continue to face difficulties.

Dr. Davoud Hermidas Bavand, Professor of International Law and International Relations at the University of Tehran said in an interview with Mehr News Agency that the basic issue in Iran’s foreign policy is the nuclear case and sanctions.

He added "The votes of the majority which went to Hassan Rouhani was an attempt to change the prevailing situation and come clean of the problems that exist in economy and livelihood.”

Bavand asserted "Accordingly, the new President must take steps to build trust and find mechanisms to reach a sort of understanding.”

He added "10 years of Principalist strategies under the name of ‘resistance-based offensive strategy’ and ‘eyes on the East’ has not only had no output, but has created disturbing political and economic results, so much so that even some Principalists like Mr. Velayati severely criticized this failure.”

Dr. Hermidas Bavand then said that regional issues come as next concerns of the new administration and added "Regional issues such as the Syrian issue and relations with Arab countries are among those for which Mr. Rouhani must work out a solution.”

He pointed out that Arab countries try to diminish the effectiveness of Shiism. On the Syrian crisis he stated "Although Mr. Rouhani has said that a resolution for this problem will depend on what the Syrian people decide, regional and ultra-regional countries are also there and a resolution must be thought out for this fact as well.”

He stressed the point that to remove the Security Council sanctions and the US and EU sanctions the new President will need to do his best and said that any agreement on the nuclear case, however transitional, will have positive effects on the internal situations of Iran.

Hermidas Bavand asserted "Another issue which can be a key factor in solving the country’s problems is mutual negotiations with the US. As long as we are unable to solve our problems with the US we will continue to face problems. Continuing to use its tools, the US can even make Eastern countries accompany it.”

He said that bilateral talks based on mutual interests can bring favorable results for both sides, adding "To further matters, though, Rouhani will need extensive privileges. He will succeed only if he is given these privileges.”

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