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Publish Date: 10:01 - 26 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. The Foreign Ministry Spokesman’s weekly news conference has addressed regional issues from Turkey to Qatar and the Friends of Syria.

Speaking in his weekly news conference, the Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Iran said on Tuesday "As for Syria we will continue consultations with the Egyptian government. Mr. Salehi made a phone call with the Egyptian Foreign Minister yesterday, discussing the Syrian case as well as the brutal murder of the Shiite leader in Egypt.”

Providing comments on the resignation of the Qatari Emir, Abbas Araqchi said "There are rumors about developments in Qatar which have grown official since last night, when changes in the Qatari ruling power were announced. We follow developments in Qatar closely and await more details in speeches. Qatar is a close neighbor country in the Persian Gulf and its peace and stability, as well as any other neighbor country’s, is important to the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He then answered a question about Turkish developments and said "As we have said so many times, developments in Turkey are an internal affair of that country. We still believe that the issue will be resolved peacefully with good management from the Turkish leaders. We hope that peace and stability returns to the political structure of Turkey.”

He also said in response to the question whether Iran will offer a comprehensive plan in Geneva Convention II "I must regret to say that the Geneva Convention II must face obstacles.”

"The first obstacle” he said, "is the disagreements within the opposition side, where they cannot agree for choosing a representative to the convention. Also, the agenda and time are not decided yet and efforts made accordingly are harmful. For example the Doha Friends of Syria meeting and the sessions they have had as well as their efforts to arm different groups will contribute to tension in Syria,” he continued.

He asserted "The biggest outcome of the Doha meeting has been to provide the Syrian opposition group with arms. This is a big question mark regarding the US and other countries of the Doha meeting whether they really look for a way out of the Syrian crisis.

Araqchi then pointed to the President’s future programs and said that Mr. Ahmadinejad is to visit Russia next week for the Gas Exporting Countries Forum where he will also have a meeting with Putin to talk issues such as the Caucasia developments, Syria, and the Caspian Sea.

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