Morsi behaves no differently than Mubarak

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Publish Date: 12:59 - 26 June 2013
Tehran, YJC. International affairs analyst says that Morsi has not yet been able to adopt his proper position and make a change.

Pirouz Mojtahedzadeh, Middle East affairs analyst, said in an interview about the massacre of the Shiite in Egypt "I do not think that the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi shows the green light knowing of its terrible outcomes. Doing so, he takes part in the catastrophe that threatens the Islamic world.”

He added "The incidents and the role that Morsi played in condoning or tacitly approving of the continuation of Salafi actions in Egypt rather testify to the fact that Morsi has not yet been able to move in his place and adopt the expertise needed in politics.”

Mojtahedzadeh also said that the same order of things can be seen in other areas of Egypt’s foreign policy, adding "It is still unclear whether Morsi is for or against Israel. Morsi’s dealing with Israel is no different from Hosni Mubarak’s. Morsi follows Mubaraks obligations in relation to the Zionist regime.”

He asserted "The reason for this is nothing like Morsi being another Hosni Mubarak or pro-Israel or supportive of the decades-long colonial policies of the US in the ME or Egypt. These incidents prove that Morsi is not a capable politician and lacks control on his environment and does not know how to handle the Salafi and on the other hand how to deal with the great Islamic movement of Egypt.”

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