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Publish Date: 15:30 - 02 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Former Head of Atomic Energy Organization has said that the Leader has often considered moves by the West in resolving the nuclear issue while other figures have disagreed.

The former Head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization said in an interview with ISNA "Whenever the West would show significant signs, the Leader would get involved in the issue and try to resolve the problem. It would be unfair to say that he did not want the issue resolved.”

Qolamreza Aqazadeh added "In 2008 there were signs from the West to resolve the issue. The Leader launched a meeting which I also attended. I stated there that with the new approach adopted by the West the issue could be pursued. The Leader decided that the West’s approach be considered and demanded us to pursue the matter, but there were some who contravened.”

He pointed back to the time when decisions were made to consider nuclear supplements for the country’s electricity grid and said "In an extended report I had delivered to the Supreme Leader I had emphasized the fact that the country’s electricity problems would not have been resolved unless we introduced the new technology. At that time we had noticed that developed countries had invested hugely in small and household power plants with more than 90 percent efficiency to provide heat, cold, and electricity. Along with Messrs. Fayyazbakhsh and Saidi, we entered these fields which have grown so much in the country right now, and more than 10,000 MW demand for such power plants is made throughout the country right now. There was much success in this field. We started a big project in Golgohar so that we would be able to use these small power plants. The projects were followed in Bandarabbas as well.”

Aqazadeh also believed that the nuclear issue will be an important one for the Rouhani administration and said "I believe that the nuclear issue is in its 90th minute. Really, both the West and Iran must start serious talks.”

"In the 90th minute the one with more stamina will win. We must not pressure Rouhani to seal the deal in no time,” he believed.

"I believe that there was no need for the events that followed 2008,” he asserted, not willing to provide details on the 2008 plan and the preceding Western initiatives "the President did not agree with the plan, and that was where my disagreements with Ahmadinejad came in. Mr. Ahmadinejad had his own evaluations and thought that we must not use that approach.”

The former Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization pointed to the 5+1 negotiations and stated "The principal thing between us is building trust. The Rouhani team must set for real, practical negotiations.”

He added "The fact that the West says that the outcome of the talks and the formation of some cooperation could amount to the recognition of Iran’s right to enrichment is something unprecedented. It is a positive approach and must be considered.”

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Russian Federation
10:07 - 1392/05/02
We are very happy to read this. The power and love of every single human beieng will create a new peacefull world. We can create together. Thank you, very very much!!!!!
Iran, Islamic Republic of
19:21 - 1392/04/12
I think the guy who this man talking about is Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
nuray omar
United Kingdom
11:16 - 1392/04/12
Rohani has attempted to reach a nuclear deal with the West in 2005 and is once again trying to find an understanding with the West. He wanted Iran’s legitimate rights under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, including uranium enrichment for civilian purposes like nuclear energy and medical research to be recognized.In return he indicated that Iran would accept the International Atomic Energy Agency’s objective that the Iranian nuclear program will remain peaceful and not be diverted toward weaponization in the future. I think this is a good initiative on his behalf which would calm fears in the West as well as among Gulf countries. Once Iran under this new leadership is able to assure world powers that its nuclear program is never meant to be diverted toward weaponization, it would show the serious intention of Iran to maintain peace, gain trust among Arab countries in the region and show its adherence to legitimate rights of all countries in the region. In this sense we can say Iran seeks to show the positive side of its revolution and that is coexistence with the people.
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