Iranian movies awarded in Morocco int'l festival

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Publish Date: 17:43 - 08 November 2017
TEHRAN, November 8 - Two Iranian movies of ‘Dokhtar’ (Daughter) and ‘Royahaye Dame Sobh’ (Starless Dreams) were awarded in Morocco International Film Festival.

Iranian movies awarded in Morocco int'l festivalTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - ‘Daughter’ by Reza Mir-Karimi and ‘Starless Dreams’ by Mehrdad Oskouei respectively received Critics' Choice Movie and People's Choice awards.

The event was scheduled for October 27 to November 4.

‘Valderama’ was another Iranian movie by Abbas Amini also showcased in the event.

‘Daughter’ narrates the life of Mr. Azizi who leads an uneventful family life in an oil town of southern Iran. One day, his daughter Setareh, much exasperated by her father's authoritarianism, announces she is off to Tehran which is met with his father’s objections as the engagement celebrations of Setareh's younger sister are taking place simultaneously. This act of disobedience sets in motion a series of perturbations that upset the calm tranquility of the paterfamilias.

‘Starless Dreams’ narrates the lives of a group of young Iranian women who live together in a correctional and rehabilitation center for a variety of reasons ranging from drug dealing and trafficking, to pick-pocketing and manslaughter. Though bored with their incarcerated life, they are, nevertheless, scared about what might happen to them once outside. As the New Year approaches, they all hope to celebrate it with their families.


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