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Publish Date: 13:24 - 04 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Basij commander says that the US must wait for the time it pays for its attack on the Iran Air Flight 655 aircraft.
Mehr News Agency reports that in a visit to Markazi province Basij units, Brigadier General Mohammadreza Naqdi said "The hand of the wicked US regime is covered with the blood of Islamic martyrs to the elbow. We see Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani, and Syrian Muslims killed every day with direct or indirect guidance and interventions of the US government. The regime’s dark record has left nothing for historical atrocious figures like the pharaohs, Mongols, or Hitler.”

He added "If we commemorate the July 3 incident and express outrage at the heinous US act in which around 60 children and a total of 290 of our citizens were martyred it does not mean that the US savagery is limited only to this. The US is not only the killer of 290 Airbus passengers, but this brutal regime is the killer of 220 thousand of our martyrs.”

Naqdi asserted that the Iraqi attack on Iran by Saddam Hussein was also backed with US equipment, guidance, and orders, something which everybody knows.

He also pointed to the inflammatory conditions of the region and the killings of Shiites in regional countries and said "What stands above the killing of 290 innocent Airbus martyrs is the atrocity of the government and the President of the US who, instead of apologizing and expressing pity over the hideous action, gives medals to the doers of the act. That shows that such savage killing was deliberately organized and planned by US statesmen and, contrary to what Americans claim, was not a mistake. The US regime must get ready for a harsh, big response by the Islamic nation.”

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