Collective graves discovered in KirKuk US military base

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Publish Date: 10:14 - 12 November 2017
TEHRAN, November 12 - Iraqi forces found collective graves of hundreds of corpses executed by Daesh terrorists (ISIL) in a US military base in Kirkuk province.

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - According to France Press, Kirkuk governor Rakan Saeed announced on Saturday that Hundreds of dead bodies have been found in collective graves near al-Hawija.
Saeed said al-Bakara is one of US force bases where Daesh terrorists did their executions.

“look at terrorists’ brutality, they executed at least 400 people some of whom were in red clothes and others in normal clothes of non-militants” Saeed reported.

Furthermore, Mortaza Lu’aibi of Iraqi Army commanders asserted that the Iraqi soldiers discovered the graves through the help of witnesses.

Ra’ee Aghnam, one of those who eye-witnessed Deash field executions said “I myself saw that Daesh elements over three years of occupation came [here the very military base] with trucks, threw the arrested on the ground and either opened fire on them or decapitated them”.

There are 5 collective graves in al-Bakara base which belongs to ISIL’s prisoners, he added.

Al-Hawija is located 24 kilometers north of Baghdad, and Last month, after nearly four years was liberated from ISIL’s control.

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