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Publish Date: 12:49 - 08 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Director says that the entire world cinema is moving towards the Hollywood version.

Farajollah Salahshour, speaking in a movie launch party for Rachel Corrie’s Message on Sunday evening in Mashhad, provided comments on the state of affairs in the Iran and world cinema and said "Some ask how is the future of our cinema going to be. I must say that there is no future, because the whole world is dancing to the music of Hollywood and is playing in their court.”

Salahshour then pointed to the state of cinematic affairs in Iran in the past years and said "In the Ahmadinejad administration things grew worse in cinema and in culture in large. I must say that every year we have to cherish the last.”

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Russian Federation
22:33 - 1392/05/02
Sending US military avidsers to Vietnam, supporting the Axis leader Sukarno, Operation Ajax, the New York Agreement, replacing Sukarno with General Suharto, green-lighting the invasion of East Timor, and who knows how many other foreign policies were originally meant to help US corporations. The creation of a CIA was a good idea but it would have exposed the activities of the trans-national corporations, so in 1949 the CIA Act was written to prevent the CIA exposing the corporate activities by extending the agency's design to include the design & implementing of covert foreign policies the result is that information gathered is now considered too secret to share with the Depts of State, Defense, and Justice who were the people who needed the information about Perl Harbor in the first place.Before Rand, the original adviser to the CIA was the Ford Foundation with its perverse belief that anything good for corporate America' is good for the nation. Of course most corporations tend to work for their own profits and not for the good of their host nation.
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