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Publish Date: 10:09 - 09 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Professor says that there are radicl views by Iranians and Americans from each other which hinder growing relations.

Political Science Professor at the University of Tehran and an adviser close to Hashemi Dr. Sadeq Zibakalam said "Mr. Rouhani and those behind him are after mutual relations between Iran and the US. One of their most important promisses was to improve relations with the outer world. The American-Israeli extremists prayed for Jalili to win.”

Speaking with US Viewer, Center For US Strategic Studies, Zibakalam said "Mr. Rouhani's rise to power will have the most positive effects on Iran-US relations. Contrary to this, the opposite is the case with Said Jalili, that is, if he were to become President relations would have become tenser.”

"I believe that Iran-US relations must go through positive changes in the Rouhani administration, else it would be a pity,” he said.

Asked if he believes that with recent sanctions, the US shows to take double standards, he said "There is no such thing as double positions. It is a pity that those who would not like a change to occur in the Iran-US enmity say that Rouhani is barely in power when the US is going to repeat the Axis of Evil story, that being why it has put new sanctions. But what the Principalists do not know about it, or they pretend not to know, is that the sanctions which were instated on July 1 date back 6 months.”

He added "The biggest obstacle for Iran-US relations to grow is the radicals in Iran, America, and Israel. American and Israeli radicals will be happy with nothing less than to alter the system of the Islamic Republic. They liked Said Jalili to rise to power, because they would not like the Islamic Republic to survive, and to thrive and progress towards its real place within the region and the world. These radicals would pray that some extremist like Jalili would have risen to power. They were happy when Ahmadinejad was made President. We must know that radicals such as Netanyahu will be in high spirits if someone like Jalili or Ahmadinejad is in power.”

Regarding the views that Obama is under pressure to put sanctions on Iran, Zibakalam said "It is a pity that Iranian radicals talk of the US as if they are talking of a bag of potatoes, some of them being big and the rest small, but in the end they all being potatoes. But America is a dynamic society in which there are diverse modes of thought. In this country, on one hand there are those who would not like to see the sight of the Islamic Republic and would have it wiped out of history, but on the other hand there are those who say that Iran’s local and international roles must be acknowledged and one must hold talks with the country. This is the case with the Iranian side as well.”

reporter: Sanaz Amiri
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Nuray Omar
United Kingdom
11:03 - 1392/04/19
Radical leadership in Iran would not get Iran anywhere. In fact it would increase tensions in US-Iran relations. Jalili's support come from the powerful Revolutionary Guard. He is popular among some extremist young and religious groups who support his rigid world view concerning Iran's nuclear programme and his unwillingness to compromise with the US. Of course the moderate opposition feared he would promote more isolation and conflict in the region which they do not need and preferred Rohani. Lastly Jalili's unpopularity among the youth is obvious due to his rhetoric against the 2009 youth uprising in which he blamed the US, UK, and Israel for allocating $55 million to support the uprising in cyberspace, resulting in 874 anti-regime websites which he indicated served to smear the success of religious rule in Iran. Religious rule in Iran does not constitute clamping down violently on the people instead it means finding a moderate way to solve the needs of the youth and their integration to society. That is why Jalilii could not win the recent elections and a more open minded Rohani was the choice of the populace.
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