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Publish Date: 13:59 - 20 November 2017
TEHRAN, November 20 - Iran has become resourceful in production of thermally modified wood, thermowood, thanks to the efforts made by Mazand Choob Aria (MCA) Co.

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - With an initial investment of $14 million, the company has made strides in acquiring thermowood production technology from Finland.

On the sidelines of a visit of a Finnish delegation to the company, the director of MCA explained that his company purchased 5.5 million euros worth of equipment for manufacturing process of thermowood from Finland last year, post-implementation of the nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA.

“And as a result, this year, MCA’s full scale production has cut down the cost of the thermowood’s import to Iran by 60 percent year on year.”

With MCA’s production capacity of 1,800 cubic meters of thermowood per month, three times the number of the imported supply to the country (600 cubic meters monthly), Iran won’t need to import thermowood supplies any longer, Bahador Ansari asserted.

Accompanied by a Finnish delegation to Iran on Nov 14-17, the head of International ThermoWood Association jukka Ala-viikari paid a visit to the MCA Co., and granted the company a membership certificate assuring its standard product.

Treatment of thermowood is available to 15 countries that are also a member of International ThermoWood Association, and today, Iran has also the capability to produce thermowood for both its domestic and Middle Easter markets.

Thermowood, or heat treated pine, is an environmentally friendly alternative to pressure impregnated wood. The heat treatment has many benefits, such as making the wood more resistant to rot, fungi, humidity, increasing stability, causing less cracking and providing better insulation.

The property of the wood makes it an ideal material in buildings’ exterior and interior constructions.

‘Iran can rely on Finland in technology’

The Finnish ambassador to Tehran who accompanied the delegation stressed the importance of the Iranian market for Finland.

Keijo Norvanto said his country can assist Iran with technologies in environmental, energy, and construction sectors as well as electric power industry which in return will “provide jobs” and “investment opportunities” in Iran.

He emphasized that Finland is willing to invest in Iran although he regretted that his country is lagging behind in terms of investment in Iran compared to other European countries like Austria, Denmark and Norway.

The diplomat reassured that the Finnish embassy will encourage and pave the way for interested Finnish companies to invest more in Iran.


Source: TehranTimes

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