Zionists' plots to clear Palestine's cause in vein: Iranian diplomat

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Publish Date: 13:55 - 29 November 2017
TEHRAN, November 29 - Iran’s FM Spokesman said that Zionists' efforts to clear Palestine’s cause from people’s mined would be in vein.

Zionists' plots to clear Palestine's cause in vein: Iranian diplomat

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - In a statement on the occasion of the the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, Ghasemi said “nearly 70 year passes from the occupation of Palestine and establishment of the tyrant regime of Israel and over these years the defenseless and oppressed nation of Palestine has received nothing but oppression, invasion, occupation, displacement, brutality, slaughter, racial cleansing, and apartheid”.

“Over these years that the Palestinian nation have been deprived of their own basic and most fundamental rights, few people stood beside them and listened their petition to the extent that the occupation regime, having violated all the obvious human and legal principles, has not given up a moment of aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity and state terrorism, and clearly mocked international peace and security” he continued.

Palestine's history over the past seven decades, Ghasemi added, has well shown that legitimate resistance and defence are the only ways to confront the aggressor enemy and its avarice and domination as well as to free Palestine and pave the way for Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.

He asserted that the Palestinian crisis will not be solved but through holding a referendum in which all of Palestinians including Muslims, Christians, and Jews participate and vote, an internationally recognized way.

The great Iranian nation has stressed its standing beside the Palestinian nation over all hard times and never hesitated to support the values of these oppressed people, Ghasemi added.

“Undoubtedly, the Iranian government and nation’s support of Palestine’s nation and their rights will continue, as in the past, until the victory of the Palestinian people and the liberation of all the occupied lands, and certainly the Zionist plots will not work in obliterating the Palestinian cause” the Spokesman said .

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