Principalists seek share from President-elect

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Publish Date: 11:38 - 15 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Analyst says that Hashemi and Nateq Noori are among Rouhani's most intimate consultants.

Sadeq Zibakalam said in an interview with a local News Agency that the President-elect has formed workgroups to introduce a number of candidates among which the cabinet members to be chosen.

He said that Rouhani is going to decide between the chosen group after consultations with intimate figures and the Majlis Board of Directors.

"What is sure is that Messrs. Hashemi, Nateq, and Khatami are among the most intimate and important consultants of the President-elect, but none are willing to impose their ideas on him,” Zibakalam asserted.

He added "The 11th administration is being formed; therefore the ideas of Hashemi, Khatami, Nateq, the household of Imam Khomeini_ especially Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, and many of the moderate figures of the system who would like moderation to reign and the extremism which had cast a shadow over the country in the past 8 years be lifted can be helpful.”

He also pointed to the status of Reformists in the upcoming administration and said that no Reformist considers himself entitled to anything in the Rouhani administration.

Providing comments on the positions taken by the Principalist side at the election time, Zibakalam asserted "Principalists were like the Grim Reaper for Rouhani's election. They would do their best to hinder his victory, but the public will was set for choosing Rouhani as the next President. It is a pity that even now some Principalists have adopted anti-Rouhani positions and demand shares. They say if they are not given their share they will not vote for the proposed ministers in the Majlis.”

The analyst said "The President-elect must stand up to these people and reject them. The smallest retreat by Mr. Rouhani before Principalist demands, especially in the Majlis, will bring about further retreats.”

"Some Principalists stand up against the President-elect one by one and warn him against using the seditious, Reformists in fact, in the to-be administration. This is done either as a threat, advice, or brotherly recommendation. The Principalists mean that they do not regard Rouhani as a Reformist and they hope that he will not use any Reformist whom they relate to sedition.”

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