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Publish Date: 15:08 - 24 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. The Majlis Speaker has blasted the EU for listing the Hezbollah as a terrorist group.

Speaking in the Majlis session on Wednesday, Ali Larijani said "The EU act is a shameful one against the heroic Hezbollah. From its start, the Hezbollah has shown that it stands to defend the Lebanese nation against the Zionist regime. It has created more glory in 6 decades than all the latter countries could create in defending Arabic and Islamic lands.”

"What was more important than rendering the likes of what happened in the 33-day war, was what happened for Muslims in showing the correct way of fighting the Zionist regime and arrogance, which practically ended in the Muslims’ awakening,” he asserted.

Larijani continued "The belittled Muslims in Arab countries could see what a small, warrior group could do after a few instances of being humiliated; they could knock Israel down.”

Larijani stated that such instance boosted a morale among Muslims which lead to greater victories for the them.

"In reality this very fact has unsettled the West, the fact that the warrior Hezbollah has become the Muslim nation’s apple of eye and their example for campaign,” he asserted.

Larijani said that it is a ridiculous thing that the west has listed the Hezbollah as terrorist, "it comes at a time when the loathed terrorists such as the Monqfeqin are removed from US and some Western terrorist lists,” he went on.

"Since then,” he added "the US Congress and some Western counties try insistently to send weapons to murderous, radical terrorists in Syria.”

"These double dealings show that the recent statement by the Supreme Leader where he said that the US is untrustworthy is a fair judgment,” he stated.

Larijani asserted that by doing so, the EU has ruined its image before Muslims, ensuring the EU that Muslims will understand the rightfulness of Hezbollah and its leader.

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