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Publish Date: 16:09 - 24 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Adnan Mansour has blasted the EU for listing Hezbollah as terrorist.

The Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Adnan Mansour provided comments on the recent inclusion of Hezbollah in the EU terrorist list and said "After Israel’s defeat in the 33-day war in 2006, the Zionist lobbyism started working in this direction. Yesterday Netanyahu called this act by the EU as a victory for the Zionist regime’s diplomatic system.”

Speaking in a meeting with the Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Qazanfar Roknabadi, Mansour said "The Lebanese Hezbollah has a special position in the society and political structure of Lebanon and it is present in the Lebanese government and parliament.”

In this meeting the Iranian ambassador also condemned the EU for designating Hezbollah as terrorist and added "Seven years ago in such days the Lebanese resistance gained some great victory and heavily defeated and knocked down the Zionist regime while it had the full support of the US and its allies. Now also, not only can the EU not help the regime, it motivates the Lebanese resistance even more because Imam Khomeini said if the enemies took a stand against you, you must know that you are moving in the right path. Therefore such an act cannot have the smallest effect on the Lebanese resistance.”

He added that all US presidents are obliged to fully provide for the security of the Zionist regime and said "This act was an American-Zionist scenario that proved to everyone that what they care about is to preserve the security of the Zionist regime. It is to regret that we live in a world where a resistance movement against an intruder that has representatives in the parliament and the government and has a firm ground in Lebanon is introduced as terrorist, while the biggest terrorist and the occupying intruder of human rights and their sanctities in the world, that is the Zionist regime, is beheld as a saint and its security is regarded as holy.”

Roknabadi stressing the need for the Lebanese nation to retain its solidarity in the face of enemies and hoped that the EU action does not have a negative impact on common morale in Lebanon.

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