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Publish Date: 16:57 - 31 July 2013
Tehran, YJC. Ayatollah Hashemi says that as there is the Supreme Leader’s fatwa abominating nuclear weapons, Iran needs only to get itself understood via healthy international diplomacy.
Speaking in a meeting with a number of lawmakers, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said in answer to worried statements by a member "There is nothing to worry about, because we have both the nuclear science in the minds of our young, and the Leader’s fatwa prohibiting the use of nuclear weapons. What is important is to make this understood to the world via diplomatic dialect so that, like the end of the War, we can turn the international consensus of enemies into a rivalry for friendship.”

He added "With the détente policy in the beginning of the Construction Administration, all the countries who would have voted against us in international gatherings during the 8 years of the Holy Defense, recognized Saddam in the international negotiations on the 598 Resolution as the initiator of war. So you saw what happened to the Ba’ath Party afterwards and how Iran moved toward development and interaction with the world.”

The Head of the Expediency Discernment Council expressed worries over the positions taken by internal radicals in parallelism with those from abroad and said "They intend to work through poisonous promotions to corrupt the minds of the world in regard to Iran.”

"Internal and external ill-intenders will always have something to take on for, but we must work with wise people inside country and in other countries to remove suspicion and solve problems,” he asserted.
Hashemi also pointed to recent developments in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, adding "After the revolutions in these countries, the ruling parties could not convince the people who were worried as to the continuation of despotism.”

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