Attorney General reacts to First VP on currency accused

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Publish Date: 12:34 - 01 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Ejei has expressed contempt over Rahimi for his provocative speech regarding an accused.

Iran’s Attorney General Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei said in reaction to the First Vice President Mohammadreza Rahimi "No way do I approve of these words. Some press have quoted Mr. Rahimi, I don’t know if these statements are being published in full or not. If reductions or additions are made to his words they must be denied or amended. If they are true it is a pity for a high official of the country to say something wrong due to ignorance or faulty knowledge and without asking the related officials.”

Rahimi had said in a meeting in Kurdistan "The arrest of the CEO of Kh-Z has somehow been problematic. He has become victim to disagreements between the two branches. He has been an elite and his only fault has been to have invested in Kurdistan. If someone is criminal the Judiciary must take action not another organization. Adding to that the fact that during the investigations they had asked him ‘what are your relations with Rahimi?’ I announce here that all my life I have not met this guy for one time. I want the provincial people and officials to protest to the issue and lay the grounds for his release.”

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