Friday Preacher: EU has become obedient servant to US

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Publish Date: 11:07 - 03 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Tehran Friday Preacher has said that by blacklisting Hezbollah, the EU showed that it has become a servant to the US.

Seyyed Ahmad Khatami providing comments on the EU blacklisting the Lebanese Hezbollah as terrorist said in his Friday sermons "That is a bizarre act. It divides in two a creative, devout current which seeks Lebanon’s territorial integrity and whose only job is to defend the country against the Zionist regime; and then designates the military part as terrorist.”

Khatami maintained that the act is an imitation of UK behavior, expressing wonder if it has been planned by the UK originally.

He also said "On the other hand the EU supports the Monafeghin. It is a pity that the EU used to try to show itself as independent and say that it is a power against the US, but in the course of this action it proved that it has become an obedient servant to the US.”

Khatami warned "Let the EU know that they have defamed themselves and have not made any inconvenience to Hezbollah. Hezbollah is dear to Lebanon and the Islamic world and it is a bone in the Zionists’ throat and a thorn in their eye.”

Pointing to the new US sanctions on Iran, he stated "In its previous acts of enmity, the US Congress has put sanctions on Iran with high votes. One must see what the criminals are after. They want to exert so much pressure that the chivalrous nation lets go of its high ideals.”

 "They are opposed by the Islamic Iran, not by the nuclear Iran,” he exclaimed, "the Supreme Leader has said so many times that we need no nuclear bomb. These are all their alibis. They want there to be no Islamic system. Once the nuclear case is over they will come up with human rights, like when they said to Turkey ‘if you want to become a member to the EU you must let go of Islam.’ Our answer is as it was before.”

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