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Publish Date: 12:22 - 07 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Hajjarian says that in order to reach a solution for the Syrian crisis, Rouhani must take the matter out of religious concerns and introduce it into a more political ground.

The Reform critic Said Hajjarian said in interview with Bahar "I believe that in terms of foreign policy, Mr. Rouhani must first think of neighbor countries. The way for the president to end the Syrian crisis is to take it from religious grounds into political ones.”

"I do not think that Rouhani would have enough time to plan for visiting New York and attending the UN General Assembly. So it would be better if, instead of visiting the US, he would visit Saudi Arabia,” Hajjarian said.

He believed that the Syrian crisis has gone beyond boundaries to cleave the Islamic world in two and turn into a proxy war.

He maintained "The Syrian government is mostly Nasiris who have made a move in calling themselves Shiite. The support of Iran and Hezbollah for the Assad government from one side, and the Qatari, Saudi, and Turk support for the Sunni and Salafi on the other have given a religious aspect to the war in Syria, while the issue is political in nature and not religious.”

The former Reform administration consultant further said "One of the issues addressing Mr. Rouhani will be to try to take the scuffle back to its political frame, that is to say, by relations with neighbors such as Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, we must show that there is no Shiite-Sunni war. We must do our best to prevent religious excitement on both sides.”

"So instead of administering global affairs and the Holocaust and sending letters to heads of states and such dramatic actions, the future administration’s duty will be to improve relations with all neighbors. To reach that, our ambassadors in these countries will also play a big role.”

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