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Publish Date: 12:39 - 11 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Former high-ranking diplomat says that the US must recognize the prudence on which the current Iranian government is built, and change its policies toward the country.

The former Iranian ambassador to France said in an interview with ISNA "The most important part of the Rouhani administration today is foreign policy; therefore he must give the foreign minister chances and support him.”

"If the American change their policy, there surely is flexibility and prudence in Iran. If they decide not to change their policies and merely repeat their old sayings in new words, we must see what we can do,” Seyyed Sadeq Kharrazi maintained.

Kharrazi also referred to Saudi Arabia by saying "Some regional countries, especially Saudi Arabia have treated us worst."

Pointing to statements necessitating a unilateral change of course by Iran he said "Some would like to let go of the country's principals and trivia all on an election."

"We need revisions in all the three sections of international, regional, and bilateral foreign policy. The most important role and the pillar to the president’s plans is the role played by the Foreign Ministry. This ministry is taking the most serious role in the political history of Iran. It can be the gate for Iran to solving its problems,” Kharrazi maintained.

He also pointed to the need for Iran to improve relations with the EU and said "We must redefine our relations with the EU. We must lead the EU toward cooperation, and work with them as strategic partner. Although we can never be a strategic ally to the EU, we can be their strategic partner and coworker.”
He also pointed to the US policy against Iran and said "They cannot deal with Iran via a double-nature language. We are not after a mere change of tone and language by the US, we are after change in approach and change in policy.”

"At a certain point of time, the US elections and Obama were opportunities for Iran. Ahmadinejad spoiled the Obama chance. Iran was also an opportunity for Iran for strategic reasons, but Obama spoiled it. Today Mr. Rouhani has come again and the opportunity is there once more. The recognition is not limited to Iran, changes must happen on the other side as well.”

"The US must change their tone. We are looking forward to US changing their policy against us. It does not make sense if on one side they pass resolutions against us in the US Congress, and then they come up and say ‘we are sorry’,” he asserted.

"The US needs Iran in the Middle East, the Islamic world, and the Persian Gulf. Iran can play a role in the global power and security basket,” Kharrazi believed.

Pointing to Iran's relations with Saudi Arabia and other regional countries he added "As much as Iran needs to have a good management, this country [Saudi Arabia] also must manage well, one must not look from one viewpoint. Saudi Arabia has treated iran worst. It has supported Al-Qaeda and opened all anti-Shiite fronts. It officially provides for radical terrorism. These countries' behavior must also change. They created terror and bombings, killed people and had the worst behavior. Regarding Iran-Saudi relations we must consider the fact that our president has payed a number of visits to Arabia, but the Saudi King has not visited Iran for once. This is insolence to the Iranian nation. We are the regional superpower. They know themselves that Iran is the regional superpower."

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