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Publish Date: 13:25 - 12 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Foreign Syrian minister has criticized Bandar bin Sultan, asserting that the Syrian-Russia relationship cannot be bought with money.

Former Syrian minister and ambassador to Riyadh, Mahdi Dakhl-Allah, said in an interview with Fars in Damascus that the reason for the Saudi Secretary General of the National Security Council Bandar Bin Sultan’s trip to Moscow is to change Russia’s current stance on the Syrian crisis.

Dakhl_Allah exclaimed that Saudi Arabia has no international power except for money, stating that money can never solve some problems.

"Russia’s stance on the Syrian crisis will never change. If it had chosen to gain $14 billion by abandoning Syria, it would no doubt have accepted Saudi Arabia’s offer. The Saudi do not consider the fact that Syria is a strategic issue to Russia which relates to world power and the new global order,” he said.

Dakhl-Allah asserted "The Syria-Russia relations are much deeper than to be altered by money, especially when both Damascus and Moscow are fighting to establish a new order on the international stage, whose foundations were laid by the Syrian president Bashar Assad in 2005 by what was known as the Moscow Declaration. We know that the current war in Syria is to prevent this new order coming true. Saudi Arabia and one such as Bandar Bin Sultan must know one cannot buy or change the results of the Syrian war by 15 or 20 billion dollars.”

He further added "A no-fly zone cannot be formed in southern Syria, because doing so will be followed by a change in the global power balance. The fact must be considered that in a state of war all options are on the table and whatever happens in the region, Jordan will be the first country which must pay for the crisis even much more than Syria, because it has joined the Gulf Cooperation Council and is bound to follow the demands of some members of the council.”

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