Iranian researchers produce cold, super low power LED

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Publish Date: 18:12 - 18 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Researchers have produced a cold LED that saves 80 percent energy compared to a normal CFL.

Speaking with Mehr News Agency, the project manager Ali Sanei said "These LEDs are among super low power light sources. They save 95 percent of the energy compared to incandescent light bulbs and 80 percent as compared to CFLs.”

Sanei pointed out that 80 percent of the country’s electricity is used for household purposes, adding that 80 percent of the household electrical energy is used for producing light, and that 64 of the entire country’s electricity is used for light as well.

"Instead of using the inflammation of a string of wire, these lamps tap the quantum rules,” he said, "where curtain crystals emit light around an electric field and produce different lights such as yellow, blue, and white according to the emitted energy.”

He pointed out that these lamps are shatterproof and added "These lamps lack a bulb because they consist of LEDs that are arranged like corn seeds.”

Sanei also pointed to state programs on energy and said "It is planned that by the end of the Six Development Plan, 85 percent of the country’s lighting is directed toward LEDs. With this research project we will meet the objective 10 years ahead of the plan.”

He further said that the lights are completely cold and do not create any heat.

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