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Publish Date: 10:51 - 27 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Egyptian Interests Section in Iran has said that no civil war will break out in his country and that elections will be held in a few months.

Head of the Egyptian Interests Section in Iran Khalid al-Said Ibrahim Amari said in answer to a question whether the release of the former Dictator Mubarak and the incarceration of Morsi cannot be interpreted as violation of democracy "There is no violation. The imprisonment of Morsi is a legal issue. The Attorney General of Egypt received complaints which must be investigated. Mubarak’s charges of killing demonstrators are still in effect.”

He further said that there is no contingency of civil war in Egypt, calling current disturbances terrorist attacks.

Providing comments on the Mohamed ElBaradei’s resignation from Vice Presidency he said "The resignation of Mohamed ElBaradei is a personal decision which relates to him. It is not pursuable by the judiciary.”

Amari also pointed to the Egypt-Turkey relations in the future and said "The relations of these two countries are highly important and basic, but Egypt will never let a country interfere with its internal affairs. The Turkish ruling party, though, seems to consult a certain group and overlooks others in taking positions on Egypt. If continued, this trend will have consequences for Turkey. We hope that Turkey revises its stances. We will never allow interference with our internal affairs.”

Head of the Egyptian Interests Section in Iran also provided comments on the Islamic Brotherhood and their participation in the elections "All, including the Islamic Brotherhood, will be politically active provided that their hands are not stained with anyone’s blood. These are conditions that include all. Grounds are there for Islamic Brotherhood to be politically active. We even invited the group to cooperate in drawing up the plan ahead.”

"An agreed-upon constitution must be composed and put to referendum. This constitution is being written and it is predicted to be put to referendum in two months. According to the constitution, the parliamentary, and after that the presidential, elections will be held. We hope that all of these will be done in less than a year,” he stated.

Amari added that Iran’s stance at the time of Mubarak had not been like its present, and that there are contradictory statements by Iran in relation to Egypt. "There are groups in Iran which support a certain stratum in Egypt and think that they are related to the Islamic awakening wave in Egypt. But that is a wrong outlook which we have often pointed out. Right now Egypt is in a state of revolution and no organization is yet being formed. The Islamic awakening has not happened in Egypt. It is of a rather national quality and includes all public groups,” he said.

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