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Publish Date: 17:13 - 28 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Larijani has warned the US against attacking Syria.

The Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani in his speech today pointed to the Western threats to attack Syria and said "It’s been more than two year since the West, and even some regional countries, in the wake of the Muslim victories in the recent revolutions turned to Syria to make up for their loss of positions by hurting one of the resistance pockets in the region. In the beginning they have the childish idea that they could eradicate the Syrian government in a few weeks. As they faced the resistance of the Syrian government they started to send terrorists and weapons to Syria and exert political pressure in order to drive Syria into submission by a multiplicity of schemes.”

Larijani added "The failures of the West and the Zionists and reactionary acts in the region then moved them toward another devil sedition to give the terrorists chemical weapons. Quite a few months ago we were informed that a number of chemical weapon cargos were entered into Syria from one of the regional country’s borders which  a little while back was organized around a certain issue and heavy propaganda started and it was made known that chemical weapons had been used by the terrorists.”

He further said "In the recent course of events also evidence shows that there has been a mischievous scenario where at the time when UN inspectors were present there chemical weapons were used and the UN inspectors had no sooner performed their investigations when they tolled the bell of war and the US and UK, with no permission from the UN and by cooperation from some regional countries, especially the Zionist regime, became the leaders of military operations in Syria. Maybe the transient sweetness of turbulence in Egypt for the Zionist regime and some regional parasites and the West has deprived them of the power of reason and they are setting foot in a mined land in the misty atmosphere.”

Larijani suggested that even if the West bombards Syria, a country already stricken by havoc in the past two years, it will not be the country who would suffer the most, a country which, if exposed to the injustice of the ignorance of international rules in the interest of the Zionist regime and the West, would not find any reason to adhere to those rules itself.

He maintained that with the present situations in mind, it is a far probability that adventurous countries would think of a raid and run situations, especially the Zionist regime which will have a far more painful experience than the 33-day war ahead.

The Head of the Judiciary asserted "At the same time as we condemn such a hasty, illegal scheme by the US and the West, we warn that it is possible that with the help of regional countries each of which follows special hegemonic goals, you set off operations in Syria, but it will not be you who ends them. You have also to be careful about your illegitimate Zionist child in the region. And most certainly you will see the results of tactical coping with terrorists against yourselves.”

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