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Publish Date: 13:07 - 29 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. The presidents of Iran and Russia have in a phone call discussed common positions regarding Syria.

In a phone call on Wednesday evening, the presidents of Iran and Russia condemned a military attack on Syria as outright violence of international regulations, stressing the need for mutual cooperation in preventing a war on Syria and further human losses in the country, Mehr News Agency reports.

Pointing out that Iran and Russia hold many common stances in relation to regional issues, Rouhani said "Iran is willing to expand consultations and cooperation between the two countries in all areas, especially with regard to the Syrian case.”

Expressing appreciation for Russia’s firm and sensible positions on the affairs of Syria, Rouhani stated that such stances will help peace in Syria and the whole region.

The president asserted that the application of chemical weapons anywhere and by anyone is strongly objectionable and added that it would be dangerous to judge something before its fact is being investigated.

He also said that news of a likely military attack on Syria by the West tend to raise concern and added "Syria is highly sensitive and strategic. Any kind of attack on the country will cause instability in the whole Middle East.”

He stressed the need to prevent a military attack on Syria and stated that such an attack will endanger all the achievements which peace-loving countries have been trying to make.

He believed that after some victories by the Syrian government, Western countries are trying to create circumstances under which Syria would have a weaker position in future negotiations.

"Since a military action will impose heavy costs on the region, it is necessary to make every attempt to prevent it. The Islamic Republic of Iran is accordingly fully prepared to have extensive cooperation with the Russian government,” Rouhani maintained.

He also provided comments on the relations between Iran and Russia as friendly, adding "The strengthening of these bonds and developing the level of cooperation with Russia is considered highly by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Vladimir Putin in turn stated that international issues have grown complicated, adding "Russia, like Iran, considers as inacceptable the use of mass destruction weapons, especially chemical arms, by anyone anywhere. But it is to regret that previous attempts to draw the international attention to who uses chemical weapons were left unheeded.”

He pointed out that so far no evidence has been presented to show that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, stating "Russia believes no way that the forces of the Syrian government would have used chemical weapons, since they basically do not need them when they are being on the progressive trend and have the upper hand.”

Putin evaluated Iran and Russia’s stances on Syria as similar and added "If our American partners have information which, as they claim, proves that the Syrian government has sued chemical weapons, they must present the information to the UN investigators in the country.”

He maintained that Russia holds logical views and stressed that no one can impose certain decisions on the Syrian nation from outside.

The Russian president added "Russia is somehow in relation with all the sides involved in the Syrian case, especially Iran, because it has had a positive record of cooperation with Iran on regional matters. I suggest that the two countries’ cooperation expand more.”

He also pointed to Iran and Russia as neighbors with good relations and hoped that as Russia has in so many occasions proved its friendly outlook to Iran, Tehran will be willing to continue the friendly relations with Moscow in the new presidential term.

He also called for the expansion of relations in economy and trade, as well as the elimination of hindrances to mutual interactions.

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