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Publish Date: 15:24 - 29 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. Moslehi has said that Iran has known and warned the world about plans of a chemical attack on Syria since two months ago.

The former minister of intelligence Heidar Moslehi said "We see the progress of this move in Syria today. The new scheme by the US, Qatar, the Turk, and Saudi Arabia to use chemical weapons in Syria has been done and there are firm evidence on it. It was specifically clear where the chemical shipment had to set off, where to be concentrated, how to make it into Syria and how to be used, and how the US would have used the occasion later on.”

He maintained "We knew since two months ago that such a thing was going to happen and that extensive measures were underway for it to come through. Of course we tried to give information on the matter but the human rights claimants did not make a sound.”

"Some believe that we must let the enemies of the country and the opposition to themselves while they are under our intelligence coverage. They say as long as they don’t bother let us not bother them. But I believe that one of our serious actions must be to clear the status of the ones opposed to the revolution and to the people. We must not let them thrive and progress under our intelligence umbrella,’ Moslehi asserted.

He added "In regard to the assassination of nuclear scientists we suffered a heavy loss. But these assassinations made it clear to us how much foreign intelligence services had spread their umbrella in our country due to the ignorance of different entities in previous terms. These incidents made them known and damaged them.”

Moslehi also gave an account of his visit to the former Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and said "I remember during a trip to Saudi Arabia he told me from a position of power ‘We helped Saddam at the time of war and we are proud of our help.’ Aside from logical and religious argumentations I could give, I said in answer ‘Now see where we are and where your Saddam and you are. Be sure that the US has plans for you as well and will soon come after you.”

He added "After the occupation of Iraq, the US Army announced right away that Camp Ashraf was under US support. To date we are still squabbling about it not with Iraq but with the US.”

Pointing to the exclusion of the People's Mujahedin from US terrorist list, he said "The exclusion is due to their special place in the US-West pack of pressure against Iran. Due to old age, members of the organization are no longer capable of considerable military action and on the other hand due to their military morale, they cannot do much on intelligence grounds. So they have no choice but to become a tool in the hand of the West. For example in the nuclear case, Mossad gave them files in order for them to tell the IAEA that they have found themselves. But the agency also found later on that all those evidence were fake.”

He added "One of the great uses that the arrogance made of the Mujahedin was in the 09 election sedition. Today also they are a big help to the arrogance in relation to the sanctions. As for the negotiations also the Mujahedin are heavily serving the CIA.”

"The new arrogance plan for them has to do with human rights which you will soon see some signs of. Also roles are being defined for them in psychological and media operational levels the color of which can be seen today in our country with a little thinking,” the former intelligence minister said.

Moslehi added that the Mujahedin are engaged in heavy operations to raise regional coalition against Iran, their traces being discernible in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and in relations with the Takfiri.

He also said that the US has two special roles for the Mujaheding, adding "To create an influential role for uniting opposition groups and also to engage in activities to direct information to them are two specific roles which are currently defined for them.”

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