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Publish Date: 15:03 - 29 August 2013
Tehran, YJC. President Barack Obama, in an exclusive interview with PBS News Hour said he has not made a decision about intervention in Syria, stressing that he is not interested in an open-ended conflict in Syria.

While the interviewer Gwen Ifill being forced to be just as a set peace and not allowed to hold the interview herself, Obama accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons and said, "We have looked at all the evidence, and we do not believe the opposition possessed nuclear weapons — or chemical weapons of that sort.

His comments came out as the US and the UK senior officials said there is no need for the Security Council approval as the Body will not be able to reach consensus on Syrian action because the Russian delegation continues to block any resolution.

Feisal Meghdad, Syrian deputy foreign minister said on Wednesday, there is no evidence proving the Syrian government carried out the attack, saying no doubt the foreign-backed militants have used the poisonous gas.

He added, the very dangerous repercussion that the US, the UK and France will receive by supporting the terrorists is that there would be another day the same terrorists use chemical weapons against European people.

The US and its allies claim they have all evidence proving the Syrian government used the Sarin gas but no group has presented a substantial document still now.

The UN inspector team is working is Syria, ending probing on Friday and leaving Syria on Sunday.

Jane Psaky, the US foreign secretary spokesperson last night insisted that there is no chance of the Security Council approval with the Russia’s opposition but the US will consult with its allies to respond Syrian government.

Syria has been gripped by unrest since 2011, according to a report by the UN, more than 100.000 people have lost their lives and 7.8 million have displaced.

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Ven Yao
12:21 - 1392/08/13
It is because he has many obstacles in Afghanistan and Iraq
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