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Publish Date: 9:58 - 01 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Asefi says that the problems of the US with Iran are not likely to be solved even if the nuclear issue comes to a conclusion.

"The nuclear issue has no essence. From the beginning, the US had problems with us in four spheres. They are human rights, mass destruction weapons, which has currently turned into nuclear energy, terrorism, and Middle East peace, or to put it another way the matter of the Zionist regime. I believe that the issue of peaceful activities of Iran is a pretext. If this problem is solved, another one will be brought forth, because the US Achilles’ heel is Israel,” said Hamidreza Asefi, the former Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He further said "The US policy is Israel-centered. Each administration that rises to power in the US considers itself obliged to defend Israel, and performs its foreign policy according to the interests of the Zionist. But that is no reason for Iran not to resolve the obscurities its nuclear case with the West.”

Asefi added "We must establish strong relations with our neighbors and state that some shortcomings come from our side, but that the major part of it is due to the mistakes of our neighbors. We must mend our relations with European countries. Right now, except for a few countries, we do not have proper relations with Europeans. Another issue which must be considered by the new administrations is to revive the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, because Arab countries currently pursue their affairs via the Arab League, which is not a good thing for Iran. We must embolden the organization and in order to do so, Iran must undertake public diplomacy.”

The former Foreign Ministry Spokesman then provided comments on regional developments and said "From the news we read we conclude that the US is fervidly seeking to change the Middle East map. One of the reasons why the US works slowly and thoughtfully is that it is after changing the map. The US knows, though, that the Assad government is much less threatening than its opposition, but under the influence of some Arab countries and the Zionist regime they made some mistakes in the beginning, which set them on the wrong track. The US plays evasively, but that doesn’t mean that they lack insight. They know well that Bashar enjoys the majority support. The fact that the US gives the opposition the green light for every crime and drags the negotiations to Geneva I and II sessions is only to stretch the game. The US intends to leave a burned country in which no one could work against its interests.”

Asefi added that Iran needs to start negotiations with some Arab countries, warning them that if Syria faces problems they are going to be afflicted as well.

Asked about his opinion about the nature of the problems existing between Tehran and Washington; as well as the visits by Jeffrey Feltman and Sultan Qaboos, he said "The problem between Iran and the US cannot be solved with such diplomatic smiles. The issue of Iran’s relations is not limited to individuals, although the role of individuals is important. It’s like a wrestling match where the two wrestlers hug first, but when they’re on the mat they both try to win.”

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