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Publish Date: 14:56 - 01 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Zarif has said that Iran officially informed the US of chemical weapons being transferred to Syria last fall by takfiris.

Mohammadjavad Zarif said that last fall Iran had informed the United States that "hand-made chemical weapons of the sarin type are being transferred to Syria.”

Speaking to Asman weekly, Zarif added "In the same note we said that extremist groups might use those chemical agents. During this time Takfiri groups were encouraged toward fratricide and war, the result of which is the disasters some of which you saw in the press.”

"Now as the supporters of extremist groups see that these groups have achieved nothing in Syria, they have coalesced and intend in cooperation with groups whose interests are defined in war, to spread a trap for the region and the US to make a new war,” he further said.

He said "In the same way that we encouraged Syria to cooperate with the UN, we think that Syria must give all its data to make it clear under what circumstances chemical weapons were used.”

"US leaders have a big problem, it is to regret. Instead of leading, they follow political currents and some interest groups,” Zarif asserted.

He also provided comments on the role of Bashar Assad in Syria’s current situations, saying "We believe that big mistakes by the Syrian ruling power have, unfortunately, laid the ground for some misuse. But we must not forget that such situations will be misused. What has happened in the Syrian opposition in the past two years was, first, not performed by a democratic, freedom-seeking group, and, second, were carried out by Takfiri groups which seek scuffle, aggression, and sectarianism. These groups are a minority which, regrettably, has a loud voice.”

‌ The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran said "Some think that Americans know everything. But we saw both in Afghanistan and in Iraq that on the contrary, Americans have no special knowledge of real circumstances and are easily trapped. So enlightenment is highly important. Powerful countries are sometimes deluded and think that they will be able to solve their problems by force.”

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